Robert O’Hara

Robert P. O’Hara
Partner, Andrew Seybold, Inc.

Robert O’Hara is a wireless industry veteran, with experience at companies including Motorola, Microsoft, and IBM. He has been involved in the mobile wireless data industry since it began, working with companies such as AT&T Wireless and Qualcomm. In 2010 he joined Andrew Seybold, Inc.

At Motorola, Mr. O’Hara was a Distinguished Member of the Technical staff where he worked on advanced technology projects on email, messaging, and the Android platform.

Prior to Motorola, Mr. O’Hara held a variety of positions at Microsoft Corporation over a 13-year period. He was one of the original members of the Windows CE team, and participated in the design of the Pocket PC, Smartphone, and related applications. He also ported Solitaire from Windows 3.1 to Windows Mobile. As Product Unit Manager of the Microsoft Wireless Connectivity Group Europe in Cambridge, England, he had overall responsibility for the design and development of Microsoft’s microbrowser technology for cellular telephones, Microsoft Mobile Explorer. Mr. O’Hara was Product Unit Manager in the Automotive Business Unit and there his team produced the prototype for the Microsoft Sync product now used in most Ford automobiles and trucks.

Mr. O’Hara was a Research Staff Member at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center where he led several advanced operating system projects over a 13-year period.

He holds a B. Architecture from The Pennsylvania State University and an M.S. in Computer Science from Union College. He is the author of two books, Introducing Windows CE published by Microsoft Press, and Modern Programming Using Rexx, published by Prentice-Hall.

Mr. O’Hara and his family make their home in Redmond, Washington.