Andrew Seybold Choice Awards

Andrew Seybold is a renowned prognosticator within the wireless industry with a proven track record for identifying trends that will affect the wireless industry well ahead of others. He enjoys nothing more than discovering companies that are developing leading-edge technologies, devices, services, and applications that will change the way we view and use wireless in our everyday lives and that will attract new customers to wireless.

In 2002, he established the Andrew Seybold Choice Awards to recognize the accomplishments of these companies and to bring them to the attention of the press, the wireless industry, and the general public.

2011’s recipients were announced at the prestigious invitation-only 21st Anniversary Andrew Seybold Wireless Dinner, January 6, 2011, at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada in conjunction with International CES. As the longest-running dinner event in the wireless industry, guests included 300 of the world’s most influential wireless industry executives who viewed this Dinner as a premium networking opportunity and a great social setting in which to explore alliances. This invitation-only Dinner came to be known as the place to be and invitations were highly sought-after.

Information about Choice Award finalists and recipients were included in press releases announcing finalists, recipients, other releases deemed appropriate by Andrew Seybold, Inc., and materials prepared for the Andrew Seybold Wireless Dinner. Finalists and recipients were also listed on the Andrew Seybold website along with descriptions, logos, and links to their websites. Reviews of their submissions were published in issues of the Andrew Seybold COMMENTARY e-Newsletter.

In 2012, the Choice Award program was discontinued.

2011 Andrew Seybold Choice Award Winners Are: (press release)

Most Innovative Mobile Device: Apple iPad

Apple Computer’s iPad is a tablet computer intended and optimized for audio-visual media including books, periodicals, movies, music, games, and web content. An immediate success, the iPad was released in April 2010, selling nearly 4,200,000 of the devices in the second quarter alone. Weighing in at about 1.5 pounds, it runs the same operating system as Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch as well as the same multitouch display. The iPad features a virtual onscreen keyboard and with modifications can run programs sold both by Apple and by others. It employs Wi-Fi data connection to browse the Internet, load and stream media, and install software. Read more

Most Innovative Mobile Technology: Alcatel-Lucent’s Mobile Smartloading

Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Smartloading effectively turns smart phones into mobile digital video recorders (DVRs), enabling end-users to download and use content they want without concern for usage caps. Using “Smart Content Pre-Placement,” mobile service providers (MSPs) push content to subscribers over the best network at the best time for storage on their devices and access as desired. End-user generated content, such as smart phone movie clips or high-resolution photography, similarly can be uploaded to the Internet on the ideal network and time. Read more

Most Innovative Mobile Application: Sundrop Mobile’s Rewards Card Wallet

Sundrop Mobile’s Reward Card Wallet eliminates the need for consumers to carry physical loyalty cards, allowing them to store the card’s information on their Apple iPhone or Android mobile devices. Consumers must first download the application as part of a loyalty program registration process, after which they can add other cards using built-in barcode scanner technology. In use, they simply allow cashiers to scan the on-screen barcode representation of the respective loyalty card. Local businesses, meanwhile, can push location-based marketing alerts to the devices. Read more

2011 Andrew Seybold Choice Award Finalists Are:

Most Innovative Mobile Technology 2011

Antenna Software – Antenna Mobile Platform™ (AMP). Antenna provides the Antenna Mobility Platform™ (AMP), an enterprise-class mobile applications platform that targets both large-scale business to consumer (B2C) mobile applications and employee-facing applications for leading companies in the financial services, retail, consumer product goods (CPG), life sciences and manufacturing industries.

AMP offers a robust portfolio of apps that can run in the cloud or on-premise. AMP addresses businesses’ need for security, performance and manageability while meeting end-user demand for smart, innovative apps on any device, anywhere in the world. Read more

Vantrix – Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer. Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer compresses and optimizes all video content for mobile carriers and delivers it in real-time, utilizing the following features to help deliver content for an uninterrupted user experience:

  • Vantrix Bitrate Throttling – is a powerful feature that works in tandem with HTTP delivery methods to optimize the usage of the bandwidth.
  • Vantrix Adaptive Streaming – Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer Deep Media Inspection provides RTSP streaming optimization across all network conditions using adaptive streaming techniques.
  • Vantrix Transcoding and Transrating – save up to 70% of traffic and supports up to 14,000 mobile devices, including iPhone.
  • Vantrix Smart Caching – allows caching of the most popular content.

Read more

Most Innovative Mobile Device 2011

Panasonic – Panasonic Toughbook U1 Ultra. The Toughbook U1 Ultra is the newest member of its Toughbook® U1 ultra-mobile PC product family.  It combines the portability of a handheld computer, the benefits of a full Windows OS, the durability needed for enterprise applications and a suite of available integrated features. The new Toughbook U1 Ultra is equipped with a TransflectivePlus display for up to 6000 nit viewability in direct sunlight, 64GB solid state hard drive, 2GB of memory, an Intel® Atom Processor (Z530 1.6Ghz) and Windows 7®. The device is ideal for highly mobile jobs such as direct store delivery (DSD), eCitation and vegetation management in markets like supply chain management, public safety and utilities. Read more

Sound ID – Sound ID 510 Bluetooth Headset with Sound ID EarPrint Application. The Sound ID 510 is the only headset compatible with the free EarPrint app – giving users revolutionary control over their Bluetooth experience.

EarPrint features:

  • Personal Sound: set audio for 3 modes: calls, A2DP (music, podcasts, GPS, etc.), Pass Thru (enhance hearing so soft surrounding sounds can be heard).
  • Find Me: press “Find Me” icon, headset will emit a beep so you can locate it.
  • Sound Level Meter: identify when levels could potentially damage hearing.
  • Visual Battery Indicator.
  • In Call Tools: have green LED flash when on a call.

Sound ID 510 features:

  • 3X NoiseNavigation: 3 microphones, fine scale noise-cancelling algorithm, advanced sound processing eliminate background noise.
  • A2DP Technology: listen to music, GPS navigation, webcasts, etc.
  • Voice Announcements (English): provide connection and status announcements.
  • RealComfort™ EarLoops 2.0: scientifically engineered for comfort; better channel sound into the ear.
  • Multi-Point Technology: securely connect with two Bluetooth-enabled phones.
  • Touch Sensor Volume Control: slide finger across headset to adjust volume.
  • On/Off Switch: conserve battery life; avoid pocket-dialing.

USB Charging Cable and Connection: charge or upgrade your headset anywhere. Read more

Most Innovative Mobile Application 2011

AdelaVoice – StartTalking. StartTalking is the world’s only 100% hands-free and eyes-free voice to text service. StartTalking is the only application that provides a safer interaction that works within the law. It is the first mobile application to enable people to text (SMS) totally hands- and eyes-free simply by speaking commands, dictating messages and listening to responses – all dramatically improving the safety of text messaging.  And it’s FREE.

JUST TALK TO TEXT. Simply say your ‘wake-up word’ and StartTalking begins a conversation with you to determine what you want to text and to whom. Using regular speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies as well, it lets you dictate messages and reads the responses aloud.

AdelaVoice has achieved a near 99% accuracy rate in wake-up word recognition.  Successive levels of processing – and rejection – catch and examine possible wake-up words for acoustic match and context.  Balancing the processing load between client and server, AdelaVoice manages both to keep memory and processor cycles low enough to perform voice recognition at all times, and preserve battery life. Read more

QuickOffice, Inc. – Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad. Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite is an intelligently designed, native iPad solution that provides access to mobile cloud services within a full-fledged office suite. Redesigned from the ground up and customized to deliver a high-definition iPad experience, users can easily view, edit and share Microsoft Office files on-the-go. The app integrates with multiple cloud storage services to enable seamless access to remote files in popular repositories and facilitate collaboration. Users have access to Quickoffice’s file manager to create folders and organize all digital content.

The app also features a series of user interface enhancements, called SmartTouchÔ, that are exclusive to the newly optimized iPad office suite. This intelligent design takes advantage of the large iPad display, delivering new features that include power edit mode, single-screen file management, advanced touch controls and single-touch thumbnail navigation.

Quickoffice leveraged its years of mobile office developer experience to create a user-friendly and intuitive interface and straightforward functionality that resemble the look and feel of editing on one’s desktop. Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite enables powerful viewing and editing of Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, while maintaining perfect data integrity. Read more

The Choice Award Process

This year’s Choice Awards program has been designed to recognize companies that have released ground-breaking technologies, devices, services, or applications during 2010. If you know of such a company, we encourage you to bring its accomplishments to our attention by submitting a nomination. (There are no entry fees.)

Award Categories

  • Most Innovative Mobile Technology 2011
  • Most Innovative Mobile Device 2011
  • Most Innovative Mobile Service 2011
  • Most Innovative Mobile Application 2011

Judging Criteria

The judging panel will be looking for leading-edge products and services that were released commercially during 2010 and will evaluate each entry according to the following criteria:

  • Solves a long-standing problem or represents an innovative approach
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Ease of use
  • Potential to attract more customers to wireless voice and/or data services
  • Functionality, features, and price

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Any organization that commercially launched a product or service during 2010 is eligible
  • The same product or service can be nominated in more than one category (if relevant) and receive multiple awards
  • Deadline for submissions is December 10, 2010

Choice Award Icons

Finalists and recipients will be entitled to use the Andrew Seybold Choice Award icon, available in various sizes and formats for inclusion on websites and marketing collateral.

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