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Andrew Seybold Wireless Dinner Sponsors Demonstrat

Thursday, March 05, 2009
Andrew Seybold Wireless Dinner Sponsors Demonstrate
A Maturing and Still Innovative Communications Industry

SANTA BARBARA, California, March 4 2009 – The sponsorship roster of the 19th Annual Andrew Seybold Wireless Dinner, to be held April 1 in the Murano Ballroom of the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, vividly demonstrates that while wireless communications is now widely deployed throughout business and society, its maturity shows no sign of stifling creativity and invention, according to Andrew M. Seybold, originator and producer of the event and CEO of Andrew Seybold, Inc.

Of the 10 Tier One sponsors confirmed for the 2009 event, most are repeat participants that are familiar to wireless users internationally. Tier Two sponsorships are limited to “emerging” companies that have been in business less than five years, have less than 50 employees and are privately held.

The Tier One sponsors currently enrolled include:

  • Alcatel-Lucent: International solutions provider for fixed, mobile and converged broadband network, IP technologies, applications and services with operations in 130 countries.
  • Ecrio: Backed by leading investors, including NTT DOCOMO and Visa Inc., the company provides fixed and mobile end-to-end solutions for tracking data for operators, retailers and consumer product companies.
  • Ericsson: The world’s leading provider of 2G and 3G mobile technologies, Ericsson supplies communications service and network management serving more than 195 million subscribers.
  • Intellione: The company’s patent-protected software and technologies turn mobile phone signals and GPS locations into live information for the benefit of commuters, fleet owners and mobile marketers, among others.
  • Motorola: Known around the world for innovation in communications, Motorola develops technologies, products and service that make the mobile experience possible. It is a Fortune 100 company with global presence and impact.
  • Qualcomm: The pioneer of code division multiple access technology (CDMA) leads the world in the development CDMA chipsets and solutions and has licensed its essential patent portfolio to more than 135 manufacturers around the world.
  • RIM: Perhaps best know for its BlackBerry wireless platform, Research in Motion provides platforms and solutions for seamless access to time-sensitive information including email, phone, SMS, Internet and intranet-based applications.
  • T-Mobile: The U.S. operation of Deutsche Telekom AG’s mobile communications business, T-Mobile serves more than 32 million customers using a technology platform based on GSM, the world’s most widely used digital wireless standard.
  • Verizon Wireless: A joint venture of Verizon Communications and Vodafone, the company is the largest U.S. wireless network operator and wireless data provider, serving almost 64 million customers.
  • CTIA: The preeminent association serving the wireless industry, CTIA-The Wireless Association represents all sectors of the wireless communications field, advocating before elective and branches of the state and federal government and their regulatory agencies

Tier Two Sponsors include:

  • iLANE: The flagship product of Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc,. iLANE enables drivers to open, listen to and respond to email entirely hands-free using voice commands, as well as provides voice control over other key smartphone applications.
  • YourKey: Soon to be available as a free download from Google and others, the solution from Access Technologies supports delivery of advertising to mobile devices, generates revenue for carriers and app stores, and provides a secure way to lock/ unlock smartphone touch-screens.

According to Seybold, policy limits the number of Tier One sponsorships to 12, so there are two spots still available. Tier Two allows six, so there are four sponsorships still available at this level.

“Time is drawing short for including the full range of promotional benefits, which are listed in the Sponsorship Prospectus PDF download available on our website (,” he said, “so we encourage interested companies to contact Bob Hirsh immediately at 561 624 2129 or It is a wonderful way to get exposure to the largest group of industry luminaries in one room at one time.”

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