If you want to know about wireless you've got to know about Andy Seybold. Tom Wheeler Managing Director, Core Capital Partners
Former CEO, Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA)

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    Andrew Seybold

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    Andrew Seybold

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  • Mission Critical Communications

    21 Top Consultants 2011

  • APCO International

    APCO Special Partnership Award 2012

  • National Public Safety Telecommunications Council

    NPSTC Leadership Award 2012

  • National Sheriffs' Association

    NSA Presidents Award 2012

  • Andrew M. Seybold Recieved the 2011 RCA - Sarnoff Citation.
  • Andrew M. Seybold was honored with the Presidential Award of the Associated Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO International ) during the association's 77th Annual Conference and Exposition Meeting in Philadelphia August 7-11.

New contact information for Andrew Seybold, Inc. 16402 N 40th Pl, Phoenix, AZ 85032-3309 Office: 602-788-1530 Fax: 602-992-0814

We Have Moved – 09.08.2015

If you want to trust all of your communications, entertainment, and data as well as your programs such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Docs to the Internet, then go for it...

Put Everything on the Internet! Cancel all other Services! – 08.05.2015

I can imagine the surprise when those who trust the Internet and view it as a 99.999% (“5-9s”) reliable network suddenly found themselves without it. In reality, the on and off ramps may not always be able to provide access.

It Can’t Happen To Me! – 03.11.2015


2014 Another Great Year for Wireless? – 01.15.2014

The trend for video over wireless is the primary reason for this continued increase in demand, and as more of us own more wirelessly-enabled devices, I don’t see any end in sight. more

Satellite Companies Turned Terrestrial – 08.26.2013

Does anyone remember Teledesic? Founded in the 1990s by Bill Gates, Craig McCaw, Paul Allen, and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Teledesic was to launch 840 low-earth orbiting satellites (LEOs) and provide data at the then blazing speed of 720 Kbps down and 100 Kbps up from the ground. more

Wi-Fi Invades the Car? – 04.11.2013

...except for some hotels, I have not been asked to pay for a Wi-Fi connection in the past two years. But that is what Audi and T-Mobile apparently expect us to do. At the time of purchase of the car, you can pay an additional $450 and get 30 months of Wi-Fi in your car, fed by T-Mobile’s 4G network. more


We have great Public Safety Broadband Expertise - hire us.

FirstNet and the Inspector General’s Report – 12.17.2014

Let’s hope that what comes out of this is more independence for FirstNet, leaving FirstNet to pick up the pace and get this network in the ground and operational. more

Is Partnering with FirstNet Possible? – 09.12.2014

As I see it, no meaningful private discussions means no partners. No partners means no more money for the network. No more money for the network means at some point FirstNet will not be able to continue to function, which means Public Safety will have lost the most important opportunity it will ever have to fix its interoperability problems. more

FirstNet: Listen to Your Customers! – 07.22.2014

The majority of the Public Safety community still believes today that this new network is about data and video and not about voice, at least for the foreseeable future. more

Andrew Seybold Wireless University Returns to CCA’s Annual Convention: Wireless Is Now About Broadband – Is Your Company Ready to Compete?

Tuesday, October 6 from 1:00-5:00 pm at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. Find out more…