Andrew Seybold’s knowledge, understanding, and insights have been invaluable to us as we have developed strategies for NRTC as a national organization and for our rural members across the nation.Brad Seibert NRTC

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    Andrew Seybold

    Andrew Seybold, Inc. is the mobile wireless industry's trusted resource for strategic consulting, research, and analysis. Your source for clarity, insights, predictions, and actionable knowledge that will guide you into the future. Our partners bring more than 180 years of wireless industry experience across the entire spectrum to every assignment.

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    Andrew Seybold

    Andrew Seybold's industry knowledge, accurate predictions and straight-talking approach to the industry make him a popular choice as keynoter or panel moderator.

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    NPSTC Leadership Award 2012

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  • Andrew M. Seybold Recieved the 2011 RCA - Sarnoff Citation.
  • Andrew M. Seybold was honored with the Presidential Award of the Associated Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO International ) during the association's 77th Annual Conference and Exposition Meeting in Philadelphia August 7-11.

I have to wonder if those growing up with all this technology will take the time to meet and marry, to have kids, and pay attention to raising them or if mom and dad will be sitting on their sofa wearing their virtual reality goggles, each living in their own idea of a perfect world.

Wireless Has Changed Everything! – 09.16.2016

I am sorry to see copper wires disappear...I see it as the end of an era. An end to a time when we had the most robust communications network we will probably ever have, built by a monopoly that could have simply built a best-effort network like the ones we are transitioning to in the near future.

Cutting the Cord (Even if You Don’t Want To!) – 07.29.2016

Three examples of this are data encryption, the Internet of Things (IoT), and even 5G, meaning the use of small cells to increase network capacity for customers. Each of these was developed way back in the 1990s, centuries ago in wireless time.

The New Hot Technologies – 05.04.2016


Muni-Wi-Fi Again – 05.18.2016

No matter how many different financial models have been run on spreadsheets, Muni-Wi-Fi has, to my knowledge, never reached even breakeven anywhere—not from city investment, not from selling advertising, and not from any other model that has come and gone. more

2014 Another Great Year for Wireless? – 01.15.2014

The trend for video over wireless is the primary reason for this continued increase in demand, and as more of us own more wirelessly-enabled devices, I don’t see any end in sight. more

Satellite Companies Turned Terrestrial – 08.26.2013

Does anyone remember Teledesic? Founded in the 1990s by Bill Gates, Craig McCaw, Paul Allen, and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Teledesic was to launch 840 low-earth orbiting satellites (LEOs) and provide data at the then blazing speed of 720 Kbps down and 100 Kbps up from the ground. more


Public Safety Broadband Expertise

For the past four years we have served as technology advisors to the Public Safety community. Now that the spectrum and funding are in place we are providing Consulting and Educational Services for Agencies, Regions and States needing to understand this new network, its capabilities and their role in it. Shouldn't OUR TEAM be part of YOUR TEAM?

Contact Us | 602-788-1530 – Andrew

Public Safety Advocate Waiting for FirstNet – 10.17.2016

Fri Oct 14 11:12:00 2016 The news media appears to have started the countdown to November 1, 2016, when FirstNet plans to announce the Partnership […] more

PSA Opting In and NPSTC 700 LMR Paper – 10.11.2016

Fri Oct 7 10:59:01 2016 Preparing to Opt In  Over the past month I have written about the New Hampshire RFP and bid award and […] more

Public Safety Advocate 9 29 2016 – 10.03.2016

Thu Sep 29 16:09:09 2016 The State of Arizona RFP On Wednesday, September 28, the State of Arizona issued its own RFP in case the […] more

Coming October 21, 2016

I am deeply honored to have been asked to be a guest lecturer to the students and faculty of the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, Wireless Engineering, at Auburn University on October 21, 2016.

My speech is entitled, “The New Stewards of the Radio Spectrum.” The abstract reads:

The last several generations of Wireless Engineers and the regulators in both the United States and the world have tried their best to manage the finite resource known as the Radio Spectrum.

Now that responsibility will be passed on to the next generation of Wireless Engineers and Regulators. What do you need to know to be prepared to undertake that responsibility? As the demand for wireless services continues to escalate and the wireless technologies continue to evolve, demand will continue to outstrip wireless capacity.

This lecture will focus on how our spectrum has been used, how it is controlled and allocated, and what will be needed in the future to ensure that the demands of a mobile society can be met.

Andrew M. Seybold