When anything significant takes place in the wireless industry that will affect the Public Safety community, Andrew Seybold can be counted on to take a hard look at it and then provide readers with straight answers about the promise, the reality, and the hype. He is Public Safety's Advocate before the FCC and the commercial wireless industry.

Deeply involved in the Public Safety community, he brings to his advocacy experiences gained over 40 years as a first responder, commercial vendor, consultant, writer, and educator as well as a grounding in the emerging world of wireless broadband communications.

When the noise level reaches a fever pitch, look to Andrew Seybold to provide a voice of reason that clarifies complex issues and provides invaluable insight that can be acted upon.

PSA Weekly Round-Up – 06.28.2016

Thu Jun 23 20:08:23 2016 On Tuesday, June 21, 2016, the U. S. Senate had its chance to call on FirstNet and others to provide […] more

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Fri Jun 17 12:36:32 2016 We now know who at least two of the FirstNet bidders are. In addition to the announcement by Rivada and […] more

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Fri Jun 10 15:08:20 2016 The PSCR Recap, followed by RFP Submission Facts, Fantasies, and Rumors The Public Safety Communications Research Lab (PSCR), which is […] more

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Fri Jun 3 11:46:14 2016 Any and all FirstNet RFP responses were to have been submitted by this past Tuesday. However, there seems to be […] more

PSA Opting Out of FirstNet – 05.29.2016

Thu May 26 19:47:39 2016 Each state has the right to opt out of the plan FirstNet and the selected partner vendor presents to it. […] more

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Fri May 20 12:47:28 2016 Yes this is still the Public Safety Advocate Discovery Patterns Weekly News Summary but last week more than sixty of our […] more

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Fri May 6 14:07:29 2016 Unlike CNN, I won’t be posting a clock with a countdown to the day and time responses to the FirstNet […] more

When All Else Fails… – 05.06.2016

Looking back at past major incidents and disasters, you will find that Ham radio operators have always been on the scene working to establish communications where needed. During Katrina, Hams spent weeks in the area working side-by-side with first responders. Some even set up a temporary FM broadcast station so authorities could provide updates to citizens. more

PSA Discovery Patterns Weekly Summary – 04.25.2016

Fri Apr 22 12:04:54 2016 I read with interest the current version of FirstNet’s Tech Talk: Updated Vehicular Network System Vison which can be found […] more