When anything significant takes place in the wireless industry that will affect the Public Safety community, Andrew Seybold can be counted on to take a hard look at it and then provide readers with straight answers about the promise, the reality, and the hype. He is Public Safety's Advocate before the FCC and the commercial wireless industry.

Deeply involved in the Public Safety community, he brings to his advocacy experiences gained over 40 years as a first responder, commercial vendor, consultant, writer, and educator as well as a grounding in the emerging world of wireless broadband communications.

When the noise level reaches a fever pitch, look to Andrew Seybold to provide a voice of reason that clarifies complex issues and provides invaluable insight that can be acted upon.

Public Safety Advocate: FirstNet Network Capacity – 04.24.2017

Thu Apr 20 16:06:50 2017 Before FirstNet, those who wanted to auction the 5 MHz by 5 MHz portion of the 700-MHz spectrum known as […] more

Public Safety Advocate: Network Coverage – 04.10.2017

Thu Apr 6 19:15:34 2017 The first project that must be completed by FirstNet and AT&T within six months of the contract signing is to […] more

Public Safety Advocate: FirstNet, AT&T, and IWCE – 04.03.2017

Mon Apr 3 15:56:05 2017 At the top of the list was the contract award made by FirstNet and the Department of Commerce to AT&T […] more

Public Safety Advocate: Opting In or Out? – 03.27.2017

Thu Mar 23 18:27:14 2017 Since the U.S. Federal Claims Court it has made the following statement via Business Wire: “Rivada Networks announced today that […] more

Public Safety Advocate: FirstNet Back on Track (?) – 03.20.2017

Sat Mar 18 16:17:20 2017 The Public Safety community, FirstNet, and AT&T are all pleased that the U.S. Federal Claims judge ruled against Rivada. The […] more

Yet Another Article on FirstNet Not Based on Fact – 03.14.2017

Trying to make the federal government look bad is one thing but attacking FirstNet, an organization of people working for sub-industry-standard salaries in order to serve the Public Safety community is not right. more

Public Safety Advocate: While We Wait for FirstNet Revision 2 – 03.14.2017

Thu Mar 9 17:03:53 2017 A few years ago I wrote about how Public Safety could begin to prepare for the addition of FirstNet to its communications […] more

Public Safety Advocate: FirstNet’s March Madness – 03.06.2017

Thu Mar 2 17:00:21 2017 As I write the first draft of this week’s Public Safety Advocate, I realize it is March 1, the date […] more

Public Safety Advocate: Five-Plus Years of FirstNet! – 02.27.2017

Thu Feb 23 16:45:35 2017 FirstNet celebrates its five-year anniversary this month. The law that created FirstNet was signed by the President of the United […] more

Public Safety Advocate: Congress Has a Problem Called The T-Band! – 02.21.2017

Thu Feb 16 14:43:27 2017 The T-band is in the 470–512-MHz portion of the radio spectrum and was part of the allocation for UHF TV […] more