Wireless Dinner

The Tradition

The first Andrew Seybold Wireless Dinner was held in a restaurant in 1990 and was attended by fifteen industry notables—the tab was picked up by a cub reporter for Wireless Week—and it was decided that we should do this again. The number rose to thirty people the next year and the tradition had begun. The Dinner quickly grew to a sponsored event with 100 invited guests to the prestigious occasion it is today in its nineteenth year.

Beginning in 2002, this Dinner became the venue for presentation of the Andrew Seybold Choice Awards that recognized the accomplishments of companies developing leading-edge technologies, devices, services, and applications that will change the way we view and use wireless in our everyday lives and that will attract new customers to wireless.

As the longest running dinner event in the wireless industry, an invitation to the Andrew Seybold Wireless Dinner became the most sought-after invitation at CTIA Wireless. This invitation-only event attracted 300 of the most influential executives who viewed this Dinner as a premium networking opportunity and a great medium to explore various alliances.

This tradition ended in 2011.

21st Annual Andrew Seybold Wireless Dinner, 2011

On Thursday, January 6, 2011, we gathered at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to celebrate the broadening mobile data market. Selection of this new venue reflects the growing importance of mobile services for wireless-centric companies, but it also recognizes the impact of new and emerging consumer and business related devices and services in the ever-expanding mobile data market. Our theme this year is “No Boundaries.” more Photos

20th Annual Andrew Seybold Wireless Dinner, 2010

On March 23, 2010, the first evening of CTIA Wireless 2010, we celebrated twenty years of tradition in the wireless industry as we paid tribute to the the great advances in the wireless industry and the visionaries leading the wireless data revolution. more, Photos

19th Annual Andrew Seybold Wireless Dinner, 2009

In 2009 we celebrated three qualities – INGENUITY, INITIATIVE and INFLUENCE – that have been demonstrated by the people and companies that have come together to make the wireless industry what it is today.  more, Photos

18th Annual Andrew Seybold Wireless Dinner, 2008

The 2008 theme of Embrace, Empower, Envision, indicated that by Embracing our past, we have Empowered ourselves for today, and we are now Envisioning what our wireless future will hold.  Photos