Enterprises and Corporations

The stakes are high for enterprises when choosing whether to stay with existing voice and data systems or go with a commercial wireless provider. The same holds true for enterprises considering voice and data systems for the first time. Should the field-force automation strategy include wireless equipment or is it better to upgrade current two-way radio systems? How does the evaluation process begin, what needs to be considered when selecting networks to use and what kind of deployment scenario is to be expected? Enterprises, when faced with becoming an early adopter or not, have to look carefully at value, cost and support issues.

We have long-standing expertise in helping enterprise clients with effective cost-benefit analysis so they have a clear understanding of the ROI for a wireless adoption strategy. Our evaluation of technology and application opportunities enables clients to make sound decisions as to what technologies to deploy and how to provide secure wireless operations. Industry analysis provides guidelines on when to launch an initiative and how long it will take. And studies can be customized to evaluate business models and best practices for field-accessible applications.

Services for Enterprises

  • Exploratory sessions
  • Product and technology assessment
  • Evaluation of new technology and application opportunities
  • Plan and implement business and technology models to support field-force automation
  • Cost-benefit analysis for wireless adoption strategy
  • Market and technology white papers
  • Custom consulting