Device/Consumer Goods Companies

Device makers and manufacturers face unique challenges in today’s mobile wireless market, not the least of which is how to position themselves, their products and their services to compete and win in an increasingly commoditized market. They need to make informed decisions regarding what form factor will be a market winner; and what product mix will bring them the most value, from low-end, mid-range and high-end designer phones to ultra-mobile wireless devices.

Many factors must be considered in order to intelligently identify the next-generation feature set and functionality that will differentiate their brands and have the broadest global market appeal. Decisions and changes must be made with accuracy and speed. We can help gauge consumer preferences, understand competitive threats and accelerate time to market with technologies and applications that offer real differentiation in a highly competitive market.

Services for Device Companies

  • Exploratory sessions
  • Evaluation of new products and technologies
  • Competitive tracking and assessment
  • Identification of differentiating technologies and applications
  • Guidance on planning and design of converged devices
  • Product positioning and marketing strategy review and development
  • Market and technology white papers
  • Custom consulting