Consulting and Research

Why Andrew Seybold, Inc.?

When you need an intelligent perspective on the future of the wireless industry, one that is informed by years of experience working in and with executive decision-making teams, call us. If you want to develop a take-no-prisoners competitive position in the crowded wireless market, we can help. When it’s time to look under the hood and test-drive the latest technologies to see what they’re really made of before you invest, we’re the firm for you. If you’d like a foot in the door at a wireless operator, we’ll get you ready and get you in.

Primary Areas of Expertise

Advancing Wireless Products & Technologies

  • Evaluation of client’s products and technologies
  • Validation of technology and technology roadmap
  • Competitive analysis of products, services and technologies
  • Identification of new technology and applications for product differentiation

Strategic Wireless Business Initiatives & Opportunities

  • Planning and implementation of new business and technology models
  • Evaluation of market, technology and application opportunities
  • Validation of business concepts and models
  • Development of partnership opportunities for funding or acquisition for small companies
  • Identification of potential acquisition candidates, strategic partners and early-stage investments for large companies
  • Due diligence for VC firms and corporate venture organizations

Rural Broadband Solutions

  • Alternative funding analysis and solutions
  • County and local-level approach
  • Leveraging broadband to benefit all disciplines
  • Low-cost technical solutions for right-sized systems
  • Constituent-friendly solutions to difficult problems

Competing in Wireless Markets

  • Tracking industry and market trends and technologies
  • Competitive tracking, analysis and threat assessment
  • Product positioning and marketing strategy review and development
  • Industry analysis and projections
  • Client-specific focus group research and customer surveys
  • Market and technology white papers

Market Research Services

  • Primary and secondary research and analysis
  • Qualitative focus group implementation
  • Quantitative field research and consumer opinion studies

Specialized Services

  • Expert witness services, prior art
  • Land Mobile Systems, public safety, system evaluations, future network and systems planning
  • Customized educational programs, private Andrew Seybold Wireless University sessions