White Papers

From time to time, Andrew Seybold, Inc. authors White Papers, some for the good of the wireless industry and some commissioned by individual companies. The following is a listing of recent papers that you can download free of charge.

Location, Location, Location, The measurements needed to meet the FCC rules will, over time, require the network operator to be able to provide emergency call accuracy within 50 meters (150 feet) horizontally for 80 percent of all emergency calls or alternatively provide a very precise “Dispatchable Location”—an accurate address, floor, and suite/apartment of the caller. November 2015. PDF Copy

Wireless Noise, prepared for Audience, October 2012, AudienceWPWirelessNoiseFnlv6-10-16-12 final

Pushing It to the Streets (or to the Device), prepared for Research In Motion, May 2009 RIM WP 05-11-10Push

4G Broadband: Bridging to Public Safety Land Mobile Network, June 2010 4G Broadband Bridging to PS LMR

In-Car Cellular Signal Boosters, prepared for Wilson Electronics, July 2010 WilsonElectronicsWP-7-9-10 (2)

Intelligent Spectrum Management, prepared for Spectrum Bridge Inc., August 2010 SpectrumBridgeWP08-09-10rev9

Working in Voice Mode, prepared for Voice Assist, Inc., July 2011 VoiceAssistWP07-19-11FNL-A

The Big Question: Why Do We Need More Cell Sites?, prepared for Municipal Governments, re-release August 2011. CellSiteWhitePaper 07-05-05edt