White Papers

From time to time, Andrew Seybold, Inc. authors White Papers, some for the good of the wireless industry and some commissioned by individual companies. The following is a listing of recent papers that you can download free of charge.

Wireless Noise, prepared for Audience, October 2012, AudienceWPWirelessNoiseFnlv6-10-16-12 final

Pushing It to the Streets (or to the Device), prepared for Research In Motion, May 2009 RIM WP 05-11-10Push

4G Broadband: Bridging to Public Safety Land Mobile Network, June 2010 4G Broadband Bridging to PS LMR

In-Car Cellular Signal Boosters, prepared for Wilson Electronics, July 2010 WilsonElectronicsWP-7-9-10 (2)

Intelligent Spectrum Management, prepared for Spectrum Bridge Inc., August 2010 SpectrumBridgeWP08-09-10rev9

Working in Voice Mode, prepared for Voice Assist, Inc., July 2011 VoiceAssistWP07-19-11FNL-A

The Big Question: Why Do We Need More Cell Sites?, prepared for Municipal Governments, re-release August 2011. CellSiteWhitePaper 07-05-05edt