Bob Hirsh

Robert J. Hirsh
Partner, Andrew Seybold, Inc.

Bob Hirsh joined Andrew Seybold, Inc. in 2003, bringing his extensive experience in wireless infrastructure and strategic partnerships to the company’s clients. Mr. Hirsh hails from Verizon Wireless and its predecessor, Bell Atlantic Mobile, where from 1993 to 2003, he served in various directorships and strategic roles. His business development and creative marketing skills were honed from the earliest days of his business career.

During the 1980s, he led an international sales team to impressive results with an innovative, ground-breaking medical product line for IBM. Once at Bell Atlantic Mobile, he used these organizational and support skills to assist the company with its initial entry into the “new” field of wireless data, defining support infrastructure for the initial launch of CDPD and establishing the structure for numerous alliance partner programs.

Early on, he realized the importance of forming alliances to bring together middleware providers (an industry staple today), resellers, and agents to greatly enhance the distribution process, exploring and implementing a variety of distribution channels.

Mr. Hirsh played a key role in helping ensure a smooth transition in the various mergers that occurred during his time at Bell Atlantic Mobile. These activities commenced with the Nynex Mobile union and concluded when Verizon was formed as a result of the union of GTE, US West, AirTouch, and Bell Atlantic/Nynex Mobile. His last several months at Verizon were spent assisting with the transition to 3G technologies.

Prior to Verizon, Mr. Hirsh worked for IBM in a variety of national and international sales and marketing capacities, encompassing PCs, mainframes, medical equipment, and multimedia. He has be instrumental in many startup and established wireless companies’ strategic direction, sales, distribution, compensation, and marketing plans.