Partners’ Biographies

Andrew M. Seybold, CEO & Principal Consultant, More than 40 years experience – Andy’s pragmatic knowledge and ability to predict trends have contributed to his reputation as both a visionary and a prognosticator. With his long history in wireless, he has a unique perspective of what works and what doesn’t, adding vision and insight to every engagement. more

Robert C. Chapin, Partner, More than 35 years experience – With Bob’s past experiences in wireless publishing, marketing, data collection and as an analyst, he brings unparalleled knowledge in a variety of areas including end-user perceptions, marketing tactics, and both primary and secondary research. more

Barney L. Dewey, Partner, More than 36 years experience – Barney brings a solid foundation in business strategy, planning, training, and product knowledge to the team. His experience ranges from hands-on project management for large corporations to development of products and services for startups. more

Robert J. Hirsh, Partner, More than 40 years experience – From his marketing experience with IBM to his work as a director at a large wireless provider, Bob’s expertise includes product introduction, defining support requirements, and establishing partnerships and alliances. more

Robert P. O’Hara, Partner, More than 35 years experience – Bob brings a variety of valuable software design and development experience accumulated through his years with AT&T Wireless, Motorola, Qualcomm, and Microsoft to every  engagement. more