With early-stage engagements, our clients want feedback on the potential of their product or service to compete effectively in the marketplace. Entrepreneurs need a reality check regarding their business plan and business model, particularly from a standpoint of time-to-market and projected revenues. If funding is needed, they want to know which VC firms to approach, how to get a foot in the door and what kind of presentation investors expect to see.

We conduct an exploratory meeting in which we listen, ask questions, evaluate and then provide specific feedback, recommendations and guidance to address these needs.

Venture-backed startups may require a detailed update on the state of the industry today and on the horizon. They need more detailed feedback on key factors of product ease-of-use, reliability and completeness. Startup executives may be seeking second-round funding, or strategies for positioning their companies for acquisition. At this point, they need to understand the demand market and the cost of entry.

After a full product review, we can suggest product changes. Client-specific market research enables us to help them size the market. Assistance with presentations helps them prepare before we introduce them to potential customers.

Key to these types of engagements is our ability to assist entrepreneurs