Dismantle the FCC? A Really, Really Bad Idea! – 01.03.2017

The new administration’s transition team assigned to work with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has made public comments about dismantling or redefining the FCC. It makes one wonder whether they understand some of the most important functions and duties performed by the FCC. more

Wireless Has Changed Everything! – 09.16.2016

I have to wonder if those growing up with all this technology will take the time to meet and marry, to have kids, and pay attention to raising them or if mom and dad will be sitting on their sofa wearing their virtual reality goggles, each living in their own idea of a perfect world. more

Cutting the Cord (Even if You Don’t Want To!) – 07.29.2016

I am sorry to see copper wires disappear...I see it as the end of an era. An end to a time when we had the most robust communications network we will probably ever have, built by a monopoly that could have simply built a best-effort network like the ones we are transitioning to in the near future. more

The New Hot Technologies – 05.04.2016

Three examples of this are data encryption, the Internet of Things (IoT), and even 5G, meaning the use of small cells to increase network capacity for customers. Each of these was developed way back in the 1990s, centuries ago in wireless time. more

Déjà Vu Yet Again? – 01.11.2016

The latest “new” free Wi-Fi attempt is in New York City. The New York City project is, yet again, converting the city’s phone booths into Wi-Fi hotspots. I say “yet again” because if you google Wi-Fi for ‘NYC Telephone Booths’ you will find news articles spanning a number of years and covering different attempts at the same thing. more

More Bandwidth Please! – 12.14.2015

So on the one hand the network operators are saying they need more and more spectrum and on the other it appears they are not being good stewards of the spectrum they have. There is a disconnect between these two for sure. more

We Have Moved – 09.08.2015


Put Everything on the Internet! Cancel all other Services! – 08.05.2015

The title of this commentary should not be taken seriously unless you believe the Internet has infinite bandwidth, it is a robust network, and it […] more

It Can’t Happen To Me! – 03.11.2015

I can imagine the surprise when those who trust the Internet and view it as a 99.999% (“5-9s”) reliable network suddenly found themselves without it. In reality, the on and off ramps may not always be able to provide access. more

BlackBerry: Security on Multiple Platforms – 01.19.2015

Why then did the world turn its back on BlackBerry? The simple reason was the pizazz of the iPhone and then Android smartphones. Unfortunately, when the BlackBerry lost its luster, we lost our ability to send and receive secure emails and text messages. more