Excellent review of how the wireless industry is heading to a turning point. Your newsletter is one of the few that has thought provoking material and keeps my attention span to the end.

(Frank Marum, TSS Partners)

When anything significant takes place in the industry, Andrew Seybold can be counted on to take a hard look at it and then provide readers with straight answers about the promise, the reality, and the hype. He is the wireless industry’s "man on the street."

When the noise level reaches a fever pitch, look to Andrew Seybold to provide a voice of reason that clarifies complex issues and provides invaluable insight that can be acted upon.

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The Wi-Fi Bug – 04.01.2014

With all of the technology available to us, and all of the companies and organizations that want to provide the service or need the service, we should be able to couple the technology available with the financial resources available to make it happen. Going it alone, regardless of how large the company, won’t take us to where we need to be. more

Is BlackBerry Back? – 01.22.2014

It is not necessary to be in the top four device suppliers to make a decent profit in the wireless world. BlackBerry has a good start and its new goal is to capitalize on what it does best: Build best-of-breed, keyboard-centric devices that are on the most secure wireless business platform on the planet. more

May I Digress – 09.05.2013

Keep your seat belts fastened! There are more twists and turns, ups and downs ahead, but even those with the very best crystal balls cannot foresee them. more

Is Broadband the Answer? – 07.10.2013

Perhaps it is time for us to reassess how we look at spectrum and look at the types of services that are needed, that are in use today, what broadband can effectively handle, and what is best left to other technologies. more

Muni-Wi-Fi with a Twist, Voice over LTE – 04.03.2013

If voice over 2G and 3G networks is good, and works, and is very low cost for the network operators, why are they all looking toward VoLTE and working as hard as they can to implement it quickly? The answer is that they really want to shut down their 2G systems and then their 3G systems so they can use the 2G spectrum first for LTE and then convert the 3G spectrum to LTE as well. more

Commercial Push-To-Talk: Missing the Mark? – 12.06.2012

I believe that PTT can become more prevalent in the commercial world. It will take some work and some education, but it can be done, and I believe there is a much broader market for PTT than only those who are leaving the world of two-way radio for cellular services. more

Network Capacity and Cell Towers – 11.01.2012

The bottom line is still this: If we want expanded cell phone coverage, if we want service where calls are not dropped and data rates don’t slide down to almost nothing due to congestion within a cell sector or a number of cell sectors, more sites will have to be built. more

Urban Broadband – 07.31.2012

However, if they use their in-ground and planned fiber along with other assets and make them available, for a fee, to the private sector, there is a good chance that more of us will have access to better broadband services and the city will gain a new source of revenue. more

Incentive Auctions: A Plan for Success – 06.26.2012

One of the final questions concerns why TV channels 32-51 were chosen for conversion to broadband service. The answer is really a series of answers... more

Tier 2 and 3 Operators: Fighting for Relevance – 05.25.2012

It seems to me that “cooperation” should be the watchword of the day instead of “opposition.” To win in the wireless game you have to consider all of the options. With a spectrum shortage looming, this is not the time to fight. It is the time to make friends and form partnerships. more