Spectrum Auctions: The New Price of Spectrum – 01.06.2015

The insane price for spectrum evident with the AWS-3 spectrum will change the wireless landscape forever, at least in the United States. more

The End of the Road for WiMAX! – 10.23.2014

I guess this industry needs its feeding frenzies in order to function but it seems as though we don’t learn from one to the next and make the same mistakes time and time again. more

The Cloud Ate My Homework! – 08.07.2014

As we move toward an all-IP world and trust the Internet more, the fact is that the reliability of our voice, data, and video communications systems is being degraded. more

Another Technology Ahead of Its Time – 07.10.2014

YourKey allowed you to replace digits with pictures, or even company logos. Thus your password could be a series of pictures of your wife, your kids, or even your dog and they would show up in random spots on the keypad. more

Internet Everywhere! – 06.12.2014

It appears to me as if Google is throwing things at a wall to see what sticks. Perhaps it would be better off to put together partnerships with other players. more

What Is Push-To-Talk? – 04.16.2014

I think it is time for the network operators to begin promoting PTT by educating their sales people in stores and their existing customers about what PTT is, what it can do, and why it would be appealing. Today’s younger generation grew up with cellular phones and has taken to them for texting, Internet access, and not so much for voice. Voice seems to be their last choice for wireless communications. more

The Wi-Fi Bug – 04.01.2014

With all of the technology available to us, and all of the companies and organizations that want to provide the service or need the service, we should be able to couple the technology available with the financial resources available to make it happen. Going it alone, regardless of how large the company, won’t take us to where we need to be. more

Is BlackBerry Back? – 01.22.2014

It is not necessary to be in the top four device suppliers to make a decent profit in the wireless world. BlackBerry has a good start and its new goal is to capitalize on what it does best: Build best-of-breed, keyboard-centric devices that are on the most secure wireless business platform on the planet. more

May I Digress – 09.05.2013

Keep your seat belts fastened! There are more twists and turns, ups and downs ahead, but even those with the very best crystal balls cannot foresee them. more

Is Broadband the Answer? – 07.10.2013

Perhaps it is time for us to reassess how we look at spectrum and look at the types of services that are needed, that are in use today, what broadband can effectively handle, and what is best left to other technologies. more