About Andrew Seybold, Inc.

Our Mission is to empower people and organizations with clarity and actionable knowledge about complex technology issues and business trends so they can be more successful in the world of connected wireless mobility.

We are the mobile wireless industry’s trusted resource for strategic consulting, client-specific research and analysis, publications, and educational seminars. Working with us, you will understand the impacts of current and emerging network and device technologies and industry consolidation. We will help you identify the best business opportunities, assess market readiness of your new products or services, and move toward greater profitability.

What Sets Us Apart

  • 100% focus on the wireless industry
  • Reputation for strategic thinking and realistic analysis
  • Advocate for technology with real end-user benefit
  • Global and historical perspective
  • Accountability for measurable results
  • Proven track record of success

Company founder Andrew M. Seybold is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on technology and trends shaping the world of wireless mobility. A respected analyst, consultant, commentator, author, and active participant in industry trade organizations, his views have influenced strategies and shaped initiatives for telecom, mobile computing, and wireless industry leaders worldwide.

As long-time advocates for the advancement of the wireless industry, Andrew Seybold and his partners Bob Chapin, Barney Dewey, Bob Hirsh, and Jim Hobbs bring to their client relationships long-standing industry experience as experts and leaders in mobile wireless disciplines. Deep technology and business expertise, proven best practices, and long-established relationships with industry leaders contribute to our successful engagements with established and emerging companies, enterprise customers, and first responder organizations.

Markets we serve both in and outside the wireless industry include:

Entrepreneurs, Wireless Network Operators, Network Infrastructure Providers, Enterprises and Corporations, Content and Applications Providers, Financial Institutions, Device/Consumer Goods CompaniesPublic Safety Organizations, and more.

Engage us to help your company explore and evaluate market opportunities, assess market readiness of new products or services, understand impacts of industry and technology advances and move toward greater profitability. Email us at info@andrewseybold.com or call 805-898-2460 to discuss your needs and goals and how we can help you achieve greater success.