Infrastructure Companies

There are pressing questions for providers of network infrastructure solutions in the current mobile wireless market. Industry consolidation has meant fewer vendors, yet at the same time there are fewer opportunities and equipment prices are declining. To be competitive, network infrastructure companies are looking for expert guidance on the effectiveness of their business models going forward, whether to become an end-to-end supplier and who to partner with to make it all happen in a fast-moving market.

We can provide clients with an unbiased analysis of the market, the health of their business models, and the likely impact of new convergent technologies.

Services for Network Infrastructure Companies

  • Exploratory sessions
  • Validation of technology
  • Long-term technology roadmap
  • Industry analysis and predictions on technology and trends
  • Product mix and services review and recommendations
  • Report on emerging companies and technologies
  • Identification of potential acquisition candidates
  • Due diligence for client’s venture organization
  • Market and technology white papers
  • Custom consulting