Muni-Wi-Fi Again – 05.18.2016

No matter how many different financial models have been run on spreadsheets, Muni-Wi-Fi has, to my knowledge, never reached even breakeven anywhere—not from city investment, not from selling advertising, and not from any other model that has come and gone. more

2014 Another Great Year for Wireless? – 01.15.2014

The trend for video over wireless is the primary reason for this continued increase in demand, and as more of us own more wirelessly-enabled devices, I don’t see any end in sight. more

Satellite Companies Turned Terrestrial – 08.26.2013

Does anyone remember Teledesic? Founded in the 1990s by Bill Gates, Craig McCaw, Paul Allen, and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Teledesic was to launch 840 low-earth orbiting satellites (LEOs) and provide data at the then blazing speed of 720 Kbps down and 100 Kbps up from the ground. more

Wi-Fi Invades the Car? – 04.11.2013

...except for some hotels, I have not been asked to pay for a Wi-Fi connection in the past two years. But that is what Audi and T-Mobile apparently expect us to do. At the time of purchase of the car, you can pay an additional $450 and get 30 months of Wi-Fi in your car, fed by T-Mobile’s 4G network. more

LTE Around the World – 11.28.2012

It should be interesting to put together our session for the Mobile World Congress. We will have access to the GSMA’s Wireless Intelligence group, which has great stats and numbers, and we will be comparing and contrasting them to what is occurring in North America. more

U.S. Wireless Ownership – 10.24.2012

The issue I have is why the shift within the federal government to permit foreign companies to own a majority of these networks when we are trying to keep jobs and money in our own country. more

Broadband Spectrum: Finding, Consolidating, Swapping, Selling – 08.13.2012

Until the FCC and NTIA come together and decide what spectrum will be made available to fulfill the FCC’s promise of 500 MHz of additional broadband spectrum, it seems only logical that they would be in favor of deals that will put more spectrum into service as quickly as possible. more

Phones, TVs, and Computers – 05.31.2012

After returning from CTIA in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago, I observe that we have indeed made quite a lot of progress: Our televisions and phones are now as difficult to use as our computers! more

Wireless Operators Taking Pointers from Airlines? – 05.16.2012

I’ve yet to get a bill from Exxon Mobile asking me to pay an upgrade fee if I switch from regular to premium. more

Did You Pre-Order a New iPad 3? – 03.13.2012

What does a three-day wait really mean? In the long term not much, but in the short term Apple made a commitment to customers who pre-ordered that they would get their iPad first and then changed its mind. more