LightSquared: By Hook or Crook – 01.06.2012

What this really says is: We don’t care if we interfere with GPS receivers; it is not our fault but the fault of the receivers, which should not be afforded any protection in any event; this is our spectrum and we want to use it for a purpose for which it was not intended regardless of the outcome. more

What’s Ahead for Network Operators? – 12.22.2011

When you look at the United States on a market-by-market basis it is clear that in most major markets there would still have been five or even six competitors fighting for customers more

What Is the Government Afraid Of? – 11.17.2011

Besides, the Chinese military does not need any help from the likes of Huawei to monitor, access, or break into any of our networks. It and many other countries have scores of talented Internet hackers who do nothing but attempt to access various commercial and government sites all of the time, and with considerable success more

Today’s 4G World – 10.19.2011

LTE is solid, it works, it provides the best data speeds yet, and speeds will be getting better in future releases of the LTE specification. However, it is also prudent to understand that there will be times when a customer will fall back to 3G data levels. more

The World Is Changing Quickly for Mobility and Wireless – 08.23.2011

Summer used to be a time when companies slowed down and employees took vacations with their families and returned to work after two or three weeks refreshed and ready for the fall madness. more

700-MHz LTE – 07.21.2011

I have heard estimates that the add-on cost of building in the extra components to cover both portions of the 700-MHz band could add around $8 to the total cost of a phone. If you are a network operator that subsidizes the cost of a phone this means you will have to absorb this $8 bill of material increase just so your customer can leave your network and move to your competitor’s network. more

What’s Next for LightSquared – 07.06.2011

If you were the FCC Chairman, would you permit LightSquared to continue? I, for one, would not. more

Tablets, Tablets, and More Tablets – 04.26.2011

So if you believe the tablet wars are over, you would declare the winner to be Apple by a mile—but you would be wrong. Tablets are not only the new thing, they will be around for a long time. History has a way of repeating itself. more

It’s In the Cloud… – 04.03.2011

So while Internet and computer companies are busy chasing this next big revolution in computing storage and access, I will continue to keep my data close to me. more

Imminent Shakeout for Tablets, Maybe Mobile OSs – 01.18.2011

It is evident that the mobile tablet form factor will be a winner for a long time. It provides an enhanced user experience, especially for entertainment enthusiasts. These devices also make it possible for business people to leave their laptops and netbooks behind, making life out of the office easier more