AT&T Buys MediaFLO Spectrum – 12.28.2010

AT&T says it will use the spectrum for one-way delivery of content, which makes the most sense to me, and gives AT&T a leg up against its competition. LTE, 4G broadband is more efficient the more spectrum you have. more

The Europeans “Get It” – 12.11.2010

Service providers are flooding networks with no incentive to cut costs more

Increased Internet Traffic – 11.01.2010

This is not intended to be a doom and gloom article nor is it a prediction that the Internet will crash under the weight of all of these new sources of content. more

As LTE Rolls Out – 10.12.2010

The Wireless History Foundation Dinner to induct four more industry leaders into the Wireless Hall of Fame more

Rub Elbows with Industry Pioneers – 09.14.2010

This is the place to be to meet and rub elbows with many of the industry pioneers. You don’t have to be a long-time participant in wireless to attend... more

TV White Space Update – 08.13.2010

I believe TV White Space, while unlicensed, is a perfect example of a way to test out new spectrum management technologies beyond the lab and out in the real world to make sure it works the way it should, to improve it, and to demonstrate it could be used effectively not only for white space applications, but for other types of spectrum management as well. more

LightSquared: A Model for Success? – 08.10.2010

Hype may impress Wall Street, but it is much more difficult to impress Main Street! more

Daily Intelligence Discovery for Wireless Applications – 06.25.2010

News Patterns has become one of the most powerful tools I have access to, and I am always amazed at how accurate it is in predicting movement in our fast-paced world of wireless. more

Data Congestion and New Pricing Models – 06.10.2010

The bottom line is that while the new technologies, new antenna types, and things such as data compression can increase the total available bandwidth in a given cell sector, the demand for data services is growing faster than what the technology can provide. more

LTE or HSPA+? – 06.02.2010

There has been a lot of press lately about next-generation LTE (Long Term Evolution) and the speeds it will bring to wireless broadband. There has also been a lot about networks upgrading to HSPA+ to achieve similar data speeds. One recent report showed in great detail how much money a network operator could save by upgrading to HSPA+ and not moving to LTE at this point in time. more