iPad Impressions – 04.24.2010

Since I am the Apple person here at Andrew Seybold, Inc., I was asked to share my first impressions of the iPad that I began using about a week ago—the 32 GB, Wi-Fi-only model. A 3G version is coming (UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz)). Although the iPad will be unlocked, AT&T is the only nationwide network in the United States that offers UMTS on 850 MHz and 1900 MHz, so it will be the only network offering 3G service, but you could use it on T-Mobile if you were satisfied with GSM/EDGE. more

WiMAX in a Bind – 04.19.2010

Some (but not all) claim WiMAX will deliver the goods for broadband data and that it is a 4G technology. The most prominent U.S. WiMAX promoter is, of course, Intel, and the reason is simple: Intel is on the outside of wireless looking in. It has a dismal track record and is trying desperately to find a way to compete in this well-established industry that is moving at the speed of light. more

FCC a Political Organization? – 04.12.2010

The Federal Communications Commission is charged with setting the law of the land for both wired and wireless communications services. On the wireless side, it also determines who can use what portion of the spectrum it controls. (The NTIA controls the federal government’s spectrum holdings). The new FCC chairman publicly stated that data and information would be the guiding principle under his chairmanship. However, the “new” Commission seems to be more interested in politics than in listening to those vying for wired and wireless services, and it appears as though, more than any other Commission, this one is being driven by politics rather than data and information. more

Channelized Communications – 04.02.2010

The Following is a copy of an email I sent to FCC Commissioner Robert M. McDowell. I have reprinted it below because it helps to explain why channelized communications systems are and will continue to be needed by first responder and other two-way radio (Land Mobile Radio) systems for years to come. more

Public Safety Broadband – 03.04.2010

I would like to suggest that you read this excellent paper and that you share it with others within your organizations who are interested in next-generation broadband services, and with those who want to really understand the types of applications the public safety community is using today and contemplating for the future. more

Cross-Propagation: The March Shows – 02.09.2010

There is no better way to get the ball rolling than to attend each other’s shows. more

Google Repeats Wireless Mistakes – 01.15.2010

[Google,] Perhaps it will become clear to you why network operators test phones and certify them before they are put onto a network. more

Email at 39,000 Feet – 12.19.2009

It worked well for me and I was able to answer a number of emails while in the air...But I don't think many people will pay $8 for access during a 2-hour flight. Perhaps once, because it is fun. more

Shared Broadband Networks – 12.06.2009

This Telus/Bell Mobility partnership provided the companies with cost savings and more coverage in a shorter period of time. Customers benefit from better coverage and, I believe, better service from the two network operators. more

Radio Club of America Turns One Hundred – 11.28.2009

Just as the industry needs an infusion of young, bright people who have radio running through their blood, so too does the Radio Club of America if we are to pass along more of the vital lessons our living pioneers can share with future generations more