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Andrew Seybold Launches Free Online Publication

Focused on Public Safety Communications

Santa Barbara, California, June 23, 2010 – Andrew Seybold, Inc. this week launched Public Safety Advocate, an online publication focused on issues surrounding the allocation and use of public safety spectrum and the communications requirements of the public safety community, it was announced today by Wireless Industry Analyst/Consultant Andrew M. Seybold.

Public Safety Advocate will be distributed free to individuals in the wireless and public safety communities as well as to other parties who are concerned with Public Safety and the quest for interoperability. Interested persons can visit to create a subscriber profile, or current subscribers can use the Contact Us feature to request the addition of Public Safety Advocate to their profile.

Free Intelligence

The Public Safety Advocate will also provide free access to an exhaustive listing of articles on all aspects of public safety communications, with emphasis on the ongoing battle for additional broadband spectrum in progress between the public safety community, the FCC and Congress. The new feature, the result of an agreement between Andrew Seybold, Inc. and News, will be available on a weekly basis, with a link posted on the Public Safety Advocate section of each Friday.

“This service is more than a listing of articles that have been published each week,” Seybold said. “It is also a way to track relationships between companies and organizations that are involved in Public Safety Communications and to drill down on the issues and trends which affect Public Safety Communications.”

Impetus for the new online publication stemmed in part from Seybold’s recent participation in a Congressional Research Service (CRS) panel on the 700-MHz broadband spectrum, Public Safety, and the allocation of the D Block, which he feels revealed inadequate understanding of the communications challenges facing responders.

Confusion in Officialdom

“Some [attendees at the CRS presentation] represented Democrats, some Republicans, and their [lawmaker] bosses have either spoken out in favor of reallocating the 700-MHz D Block to Public Safety or are of the opinion that the D Block should be auctioned,” he stated in his online publication Commentary.  “A few attended because their bosses are confused by the issue and are trying to make up their minds.”

The confusion is understandable and not enough is being done to clarify it, he said.

“People who use cell phones can talk to anyone anywhere in the world who has a phone and they don’t understand why Public Safety systems are any different,” he said. “One-to-many communications is vital for Public Safety because officers in the field need to know what calls others are responding to and what is happening in their area of operation to be able to prepare to render assistance if needed.

“They don’t understand that officers in the field don’t have time to look at a number and dial it or even speed dial. They need to be able to push a button and have near instantaneous voice communications with others on the network and these calls have to be heard by others in the field as well as the dispatcher.”

Independent Point of View

Seybold said that from the position of an “independent advocate,” he can write and speak about issues in a more direct way than many who are serving the Public Safety community who need to be able to work with the FCC and Congress on other matters that are also vital to their community. His involvement with the public safety community has been consistent throughout a career spanning more than three decades, and he typically funds his own expenses to visit vendors, attend Public Safety events, and to advocate on behalf of the community.

“I have come to realize that the differences between commercial and Public Safety voice services are both the most important and most misunderstood pieces of this Public Safety communications puzzle.” Seybold said. “Those proposing that all Public Safety communications needs to be modernized and handled on broadband spectrum do not understand the differences in requirements and capabilities and why commercial voice systems are not a suitable replacement.”

Seybold said that judging by the number of staffers who approached him wanting to talk about various aspects of the CRS presentations, he saw earnest desire to engage, understand the differences, and weigh the issues fairly.

Public Safety Advocate can be a valuable resource for them, as well as an ongoing forum for airing the issues surrounding communications in this vital sector of our society,” he said.

A copy of Seybold’s CRS slide presentation can be downloaded from at the bottom of the page.

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