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Andrew Seybold to be Honored with Radio Club of America’s Sarnoff Citation

SANTA BARBARA, California, July 27, 2010 – Wireless Industry Analyst, Commentator and Consultant Andrew M. Seybold has been selected to be the 2010 recipient of the Sarnoff Citation of the Radio Club of America and will be honored with the award at the Club’s annual meeting on November 19 in New York City. The first RCA Sarnoff Citation was presented in 1973 to the late Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater.

Named for NBC Founder and long-time head of the Radio Corporation of American (RCA), the award recognizes individuals who have contributed significantly to “… advancement of electronic communications but not always in highly technical ways,” according to the Club’s description of the citation. The description further notes that Sarnoff himself did not provide personal inventions but advanced the art dramatically through his allied efforts.

“Andy Seybold similarly has been instrumental in the progress of wireless communication in a variety of ways and at various technological degrees,” said Sandra Black, Director and Chairman, RCA Awards Committee. “He is technologically very savvy, and early in his career was in the forefront of the implementation of radio communications in the public safety environment. Later, as an analyst, journalist and consultant in the personal computing field, he helped to build the momentum that ultimately led to the widespread use and hard-wired networking of the devices. Returning his focus to the wireless field, he has been one of its leading lights in the development of new products, new concepts and new markets for the technology.”

In 1994, The Wall Street Journal wrote: “Gadfly or Guru? Andy Seybold, newsletter writer, consultant, evangelist – is helping to shape the wireless industry.  Who is this guy, anyway.”

The article went on to state: “His monthly newsletter … is devoured by techno-wonks and praised by top wireless executives at the likes of Motorola Inc. and General Electric Co. as a bullhorn for getting the wireless gospel out to consumers.” He has continued to work tirelessly and without compensation in support of industry issues.

Seybold has been a member of the Radio Club of America since the mid-1990s and was honored with a Club Fellowship in November, 2000 “…for his contribution to the development of wireless data systems and services.” He is the CEO and Principal Consultant of Andrew Seybold, Inc. and is regarded as one of the most respected and influential champions of mobile wireless innovation.

Seybold serves on a number of advisory boards and is a frequent speaker at industry events and at various corporate events. He conducts one-day Wireless University state-of-the-industry innovation and application seminars, both open and sponsored; and is the originator and host of the annual Andrew Seybold Wireless Dinner, an invitation-only event for some 300 wireless industry influentials. The dinner is held annually in conjunction with a leading industry event with the 21st annual Wireless Dinner scheduled for the 2011 International CES® in Las Vegas on Thursday, January 6.

About Andrew Seybold, Inc.

Andrew Seybold, Inc. is dedicated to solving client challenges through strategic consulting, client-specific research and analysis, publications, speaking engagements and educational programs. Company founder Andrew M. Seybold and his partners provide deep technology and business expertise, proven best practices and long-established relationships with industry leaders. Mr. Seybold is highly regarded for his COMMENTARY e-newsletter and the Andrew Seybold Wireless University. For more information, visit

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