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Santa Barbara’s Andrew Seybold Awarded Sarnoff Citation

By Radio Club of America; Elected to Board of Directors

Santa Barbara, California, December 2, 2010 – Santa Barbara Resident Andrew M. Seybold was awarded the Radio Club of America’s prestigious Sarnoff Citation at the Club’s annual dinner in New York City on November 19 in recognition of his contributions as a communications industry journalist, analyst, and consultant as well as for his efforts as a volunteer advocate for public safety wireless communications initiatives, it was announced by RCA Awards Chairman Sandra Black. Seybold was also elected to the Radio Club’s board of directors.

The participation of special guest presenter Charles Dowd, deputy chief and commanding officer of the New York Police Departments Communications Division, in the presentation also signaled that department’s recognition and appreciation of Seybold’s efforts, Black noted.

Chief Dowd noted that the public safety community is a tight-knit, exclusive group but that Seybold had gained entry through selfless efforts.  He pointed out that Seybold has spent years helping public safety with its goal of obtaining the spectrum needed to provide a nationwide interoperable broadband communications network, time he could have used to make money with paid consulting clients. Instead, Chief Dowd said, he chose to devote the time to public safety concerns and in appreciation, the community has welcomed him as one of their own.

Seybold said he was deeply moved both by the Radio Club honor and by the special tribute from the New York City Police Department.

“The City of New York has a long history of dealing effectively with emergencies of all kinds and it is known to hold a progressive attitude toward technology, its implementation and its application in serving the community,” he said.  “Particularly in view of the performance and sacrifices of its emergency services personnel during the spate of assaults in recent years, it was deeply touching to me to be welcomed into this company of heroes. I was humbled and grateful for this additional and unexpected honor.”

Besides his active professional life, Seybold also devotes time to civic affairs and a variety community service pursuits. A Santa Barbararesident since 1999, Seybold is a board member and vice president of external affairs for the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club, which provides emergency communications for both Santa Barbara City and County emergency services.  The group also provides emergency communications services for the Red Cross and other similar organizations.

Seybold also works with The Nature Conservancy in providing communications to Santa Cruz Island and with the Reagan Ranch Foundation to restore the Secret Service Communications Center at the ranch.

“Over the years, I have derived great satisfaction from my work in the technology field, most recently in the area of wireless communications,” Seybold said. “I regard giving back as both a duty and a privilege and I hope to continue doing so for many years to come.”

The Sarnoff Citation was established in 1973 by the Club to be awarded to a person/club member for significant contributions to the advancement of electronic communications. It has been presented to members who have contributed to the advancement of electronic communications, but not always in highly technical ways as was the case of Robert Sarnoff, who was responsible for stimulating many advances in the radio technology and who was made an honorary member of the Club in 1926. The Honorable Barry M. Goldwater was the 1973 inaugural Sarnoff Award recipient, recognized for his contributions to amateur radio.

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