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Andrew Seybold, Inc. Study Reveals Lack of Mobile Security
to be in Direct Conflict with BYOD Initiatives

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (May 14, 2013) – A new study of smartphone users conducted by Andrew Seybold, Inc. (, the leading wireless industry analysis and strategic consulting firm, has revealed serious concerns related to mobile device security and device users’ interest in protecting their personal and business data.

The survey, completed by 669 U.S smartphone users ages 18-65+, focused on their mobile commerce usage, their concerns about the security of personal, business and financial data and their interest in implementing a security application to protect their data and information.

Sixty-nine percent say they have used their smartphone to conduct at least one and frequently more types of financial transactions. Eighty percent have participated in online shopping for items such as tickets, clothing, books and other merchandise. Seventy-three and 68 percent have purchased music and games, respectively. And 81 percent have used their smartphones to conduct personal banking transactions such as electronic payments and funds transfer. When ranking the top applications they use, email is first, followed by surfing the Web and social networking (using a weighted calculation).

The survey shows 65 percent of the respondents using their smartphones for both personal and business communications.  Of those who have used their mobile device to conduct m-commerce, 68 percent say they are somewhat- to very concerned about their personal information being stolen in a cyber attack. Yet, 30 percent say they are unlikely and 32 percent are only somewhat likely to install a security app on their device. Only 4 percent of the users surveyed are currently using a mobile security application on their Smartphones.

“The movement of enterprises toward BYOD raises enormous concerns about the security of corporate data,” Seybold noted.  “As BYOD becomes more widespread, some companies are requiring employees to sign liability agreements holding them personally responsible for any losses the employer suffers as a result of their smartphone’s data being stolen.

“The majority of smartphone users appreciate the benefits of everything these devices offer. Most simply don’t understand that smartphones are actually small computing devices that have many of the same security issues as a PC.”

Additional findings from this survey will be presented May 20, 2013 at Andrew Seybold Wireless University during CTIA2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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